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Front Wheel Alignment

The symptoms of poor front wheel alignment include steering pull and poor cornering, vibration and uneven tyre wear. Poor alignment can even increase your long-term fuel costs.

Many drivers never question whether their wheels are all pointing in the same direction but it isn't necessarily the case. Potholes and component wear can deflect wheel orientation in three different directions - camber, caster and toe (in and out). In our experience, these deflections affect your vehicle's handling and will accelerate the rate of wear of other components, including the tyres and steering couplings. 

Front wheel alignment is the most likely to need adjustment. Our garage is equipped with the latest laser equipment to perform highly accurate front wheel alignment. We can check all four wheels if needed. Why not book-in for a free tyre check with NEWBOLD TYRES and discuss a front wheel alignment with our fully qualified fitters. You can book a slot through our online contact form or call us on 01706 353144.

Book Front Wheel Alignment with NEWBOLD TYRES

Front Wheel Alignment

BOOKING ONLY Please call the garage to arrange a slotted time for your wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is booking only which ordering online is not booking in. 

call 01706 353144 and state you have ordered online but need to book a time.

Please note that the price shown is for two wheel alignment.


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